Chocolate Biscuit Pudding Martini

The USP of this recipe is that it is extremely simple to make and you need only 5 ingredients.

This martini is actually a fancier version of the pudding that I usually make in a glass bowl.



2 Tetra Pak Amul fresh cream (200ml each)

1½ cups granulated sugar

1 cup cocoa powder

½ tsp vanilla essence

2 packets Hide & Seek biscuits (you can use Oreo/Marigold biscuits as well)

Chocolate chips, chocolate wafer sticks, to decorate (optional)


Another reason that I love this recipe—no sifting business involved. Just whip the cream and sugar in a mixing bowl. Then, add cocoa and vanilla essence, and mix well. You’re done!

You should now have a chocolate sauce of a rich, smooth, and thick consistency.

After preparing the sauce, take some Hide & Seek biscuits (I used 6) and put them in a small Ziploc bag or even a foil bag will do, and crush them with a rolling pin. Do this with music, it’s more fun that way! If you plan to make the pudding in a bowl, skip this step.

Then take pretty, photogenic wine glasses (or any glasses that you prefer) and assemble alternate layers of the biscuit crumbs and the sauce.

Let it chill in the refrigerator until firm, about 3 hours. The bowl pudding should be refrigerated overnight.

Decorate with chocolate chips, or wafer sticks, or anything that you feel
creative with.

I simply utilized the leftover biscuit crumbs for garnishing and decorated with chocolate wafer sticks. And this is how you make an absolutely irresistible chocolate pudding martini.


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